Retail Sales Associate

­Position: Retail Sales Associate


Date posted: 2024-05-29

Industry: other

Employment type: Full Time

Experience: 3 to 5 year

Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree is required

Salary: AED 3000 to 5000

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Company: LERO Sunglasses LLC


Retail Sales Associate required

Job Description

  • You will actively monitor and maintain the presentation and organization of the retail floor, ensuring that merchandise displays are attractive, well-stocked, and properly labeled to drive customer interest and sales.
  • Keep yourself updated with product details, industry trends, and market competition, enabling you to offer informed suggestions to customers, promptly resolve concerns or problems, and play a part in fostering a cohesive and vibrant retail team environment.
  • Your role as a Retail Sales Associate involves connecting with customers in a personable manner, aiding them with product inquiries, preferences, and buying choices to establish a favorable shopping venture.
  • Effectively and accurately process point-of-sale transactions, upholding company policies and procedures with utmost adherence, managing cash exchanges.
  • Team up with the sales unit to outshine predefined sales targets, taking proactive measures to upsell and cross-sell products, present suitable choices, and furnish product know-how aligned with customer requisites.



  • Exceptional Communication: Adept at building rapport with customers through effective communication, ensuring a personalized shopping experience that meets their needs and fosters lasting relationships.
  • Strong commitment to customer-centricity, active engagement with clients to understand their unique needs, resolving issues promptly and cultivating positive interactions.
  • Excellent communication abilities enabling to connect with diverse customers, grasp their preferences, and deliver tailored solutions to meet their individual requirements.
  • Possessing a strong aptitude for sales, successfully employ various persuasive methods to consistently meet and surpass sales benchmarks, delivering impressive outcomes.
  • Adhering to a customer-first philosophy, personalize interactions, actively listen to feedback, and adapt strategies accordingly, leading to enhanced customer loyalty and retention.

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Application ends on June 28, 2024
Job ID: 10967 Application ends on June 28, 2024


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